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Right on the border of two countries is the small town of Goldell. Goldell was created by a band of rogues and thieves who wished to create a save haven for those who want to stay out of reach of either countries’ laws. Over time, more people came to stay in Goldell for a wide variety of reasons and the town soon had it’s own version of the law. One tradition that has survived since the town’s founding was the process for selecting a new sheriff. These “elections” functioned more like gang wars with the victor becoming the law of the town.

At this moment, the Grim brothers, Tabel and Tonus, have challenged the current sheriff, and hope to take charge. The Grim brothers believe that the reintegration of non-human races was wrong, and hope to force all non-human residence of Goldell out of town. Meanwhile, the current sheriff has taken steps to enforce that non-humans, while allowed to live in Goldell, don’t deserve anything like equal treatment.


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